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MrWeb Banner Ads: Option 1a - Main online news sponsor and 1b main international sponsor

1a is our main news sponsor, the most clicked-on package of banners on the site: includes small banner on and on total c.40,000 page views.
Mostly sold out 6-12 months ahead.

Price per month: 2,250

There is also one very high profile package (1b) for an international sponsor - this includes a small banner on the bottom right of the overall MrWeb home page and a top right slot on, total c.28,000 page views.

Price per month: 1,000


Here's the home page with the 1a banner position circled in red and 1b in green:


...and similarly here's the news page:


...and the 'countries' home page:

View these pages as they are now:

MrWeb Home Page
News Headlines Page
Countries Home Page


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