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MrWeb Banner Ads: Option 2b - 'Trio' banner combo

Includes email ads and online banner. Email - HTML: beneath the 'Today's News' section / headlines, above the rest of the content. 3 slots side by side to fill the upper horizontal strip - first come first served in terms of which slot you get, ie left, middle or right. Email text ad: at top of daily text version, one of Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Total 150,000+ emails to c.15,000 different recipients. Generally sold out up to 12 months ahead. Online: large banner on news headlines page (same as option 4b - illustration here 2nd picture).

Price per 3 weeks: 2,250 [Xmas / New Year slot 4 weeks]


Here's how the news email looks in most people's inboxes, with the banner positions circled in red - note that we can't control its exact appearance on all combinations of email and browser used by readers, but we do try to optimise it.

NB The most significant problem with email packages is that Outlook 2007 and later (used by an estimated 15-20% of readers) do not display animations of any kind and will show a still image instead - you can choose which - make sure your ad producers get the details from us.


...and here's the top of a typical text email showing the sponsor as it appears (one day each week):


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