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MrWeb Banner Ads: run-of-site, including large banners on individual news articles

A banner on this package is placed on every eighth story (there are seven or eight stories a day on average); as well as [new for 2017] a mix of other pages boosting total views and clickthroughs beyond the original 'news articles' package. Banners are matched to articles in strict rotation - it is not possible to pick and choose stories, although obvious clashes with content will be avoided. These banners do not rotate, which contributes to an excellent clickthrough rate, along with the fact that those visiting these pages have generally decided to read the detail on an article and not just the first paragraph. Each banner will get around 20,000 page views per month of which more than 8,000 come from news articles as above.

Price for one month: 1,100
Two weeks: 650


Every eighth story going back several years in the archive and every eighth news story as it first appears - example follows. Also on other pages around the site (usually section headers, home page, news headlines, directory pages etc..).


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