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Published December 22 2010




MB Looks Into Mirror Ads

In the US, Mirrus - developer of the 'Mirror Image' digital advertising mirror - has partnered with media research specialist Millward Brown Optimor to study the effectiveness of this technology as an ad medium in airport restrooms.

One more place you can't get away from advertising...Mirrus' platform displays digital ads when sensors detect someone approaching. The firm is currently analyzing the system in restrooms in Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, following its studies at installs in sporting venues around the country.

Millward Brown Optimor is testing the effectiveness of the platform using consumer intercept interviews, to gauge its efficacy and rates of unaided recall.

The agency has also interviewed 'key ad agency personnel' and digital experts to gain their perspective on mirror advertising, as well as conducting two focus group studies to ensure validation.

Initial feedback suggests that consumers remember brands advertised on the platform at a rate five times greater than other stadium advertising. Furthermore, Millward Brown Optimor claims that brands achieved a positive uplift in brand equity as a result of advertising on Mirror Image.

Millward Brown's MD Mario Simon states: 'In preliminary studies, we've seen that unaided recall for ads on Mirror Image is significantly higher than for ads on other advertising mediums.'

Web sites: www.mirrus.com and www.millwardbrown.com .


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