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Published August 4 2011




Nielsen to Introduce GRP for Facebook Analysis

Nielsen is planning to launch a service which uses gross ratings points (GRP) for ad campaigns on Facebook and other online platforms, allowing comparison with measures of audience reach for television, print and outdoor advertising.

What works for off-line... Nielsen brings GRPs to the WebInstead of traditional clickthrough measurement, the new 'Online Campaign Ratings' service will multiply the size of an audience by the frequency with which that audience sees a brand, giving an overall GRP-based measurement of reach.

Separately, Facebook is adding GRP to its own Insights tool, which provides page owners with data on how users are interacting with their content; while site traffic specialist comScore is heading in the opposite direction - CEO and President Magid Abraham describing GRP systems today as 'ill-suited' to online ad measurement.

Web site: www.nielsen.com .


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