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Published April 16 2014




Toluna Adds BrainJuicer's FaceTrace

Online community and survey technology provider Toluna is integrating BrainJuicer's proprietary emotion measure FaceTrace into its global survey platform. The upgrade will allow clients to gauge emotional reactions to stimuli such as products, web sites, packaging and ads.

Paul TwiteThe FaceTrace solution is based on the work of psychologist Paul Ekman, and uses the 'seven basic human emotions' to predict respondents' behaviour from their initial emotional responses to products and communications.

Toluna's UK MD Paul Twite (pictured) comments: 'Through this integration, clients will benefit enormously from the improved predictability of consumer response to their marketing. Using the FaceTrace approach allows brands to turn emotional understanding into a real business advantage.'

Web site: www.toluna-group.com and www.brainjuicer.com .


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