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Published January 6 2015




UK Office for 20|20

Global research tech and services company 20|20 Research has opened a UK office from which it will service its online qual offerings throughout EMEA. FocusVision veteran David Chandler will head up the new location in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

David ChandlerChandler has been FocusVision Worldwide's Commercial Director EMEA since 2005, and in total brings almost 25 years of sales and market research experience. Previously, he worked at specialist training course provider Capita Learning and Development; at business continuity consultancy Survive Holdings; and for three years as a sales and marketing consultant. His new title will be Business Development Director EMEA.

CEO Jim Bryson says EMEA markets are 'growing quickly and integrating more online qual into their market research plans' and that Chandler will 'aggressively introduce and increase adoption of online qual' in the region. He welcomes 'David's expertise and his deep understanding of the industry, the EMEA market and the needs of market researchers... and his outstanding record of gaining, serving and retaining new business relationships.'

Founded in 1986 and with headquarters in Nashville, TN, the company is online at www.2020research.com .


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