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Published January 28 2015




Point-Blank Builds LEGO 'Brickstorming' Method

Berlin-based qual research specialist Point-Blank International (PBI) has developed a new methodology which uses LEGO to help participants communicate during creative group discussions.

Point-Blank Builds LEGO 'Brickstorming' MethodFounded in 2002, PBI employs a team of researchers, designers and 'crafters', and also offers training services and innovation consultancy.

The firm's new methodology, which draws from the LEGO Serious Play (LSP) community-based model, uses LEGO bricks in a workshop situation, in order to stimulate and unlock respondents' imaginations and their ability to innovate and co-create. PBI says this 'hands-on' approach helps every member of the team to participate, bypasses cognitive 'blocks' and extracts an understanding of both concrete and abstract issues.

Christoph Welter, PBI Director of Strategy, comments: 'I'm surprised and excited to see how ideas take shape without words, ideas that people say they wouldn't come up with through discussion. Even those that consider themselves 'uncreative' will find themselves happily building away after a short warmup, and eventually they start merging and refining their ideas by building together.'

Web site: www.point-blank-international.com .


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