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Published February 19 2015




DoubleDutch Rolls Out Event Performance Platform

US-based event feedback data provider DoubleDutch has launched a new analytics platform called 'Event Performance', to help organizers monitor attendee engagement as an event is taking place.

Lucian BeebeDoubleDutch provides mobile event apps which capture data from live events. Its new tool has been developed to enable event professionals to listen to the data that the app generates in real-time, and take action to improve attendee engagement, and overall sentiment. Once attendees are using the app, organizers can track which sessions are likely to attract the most traffic, and use push messages to promote less popular sessions and boost attendance.

As the event progresses, organizers are able to keep track of attendee satisfaction with a built-in sentiment analysis tool, and the resulting Engagement Score indicates how many attendees are interacting with the app throughout the event.

Lucian Beebe (pictured), VP of Product, comments: 'Our app gives organizers the data they need to transform the way they run events. Most analytics reports generated by app engagement can provide post-event data, but we seek to also provide visibility into event performance on the day of the event.'

Web site: www.doubledutch.me .


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