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Published March 7 2016




MRBA Annual Auction Launches

The MRBA, the UK's MR charity, has launched its Annual Fundraising Charity Auction.

Currying favour: Mirza steps up to the plate for charity once againApproaching its fortieth year, the MRBA (Market Research Benevolent Association) is the sector's only registered, independent charity, and is funded entirely by donations, lending its support to researchers and their families who have fallen on hard times.

The charity says it raised a record, over £10,000 last year, most of it from the auction, and is hoping to match or exceed the total in 2016. Items for auction include Champagne, watercolour paintings, holidays... and research conference tickets - as well as a repeat offer of in-home curry cookery by MR software sales legend Tariq Mirza (see picture).

The charity is online at www.mrba.org.uk and the auction itself at www.32auctions.com/mrba2016 .


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