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Published November 7 2016




Lexalytics Rolls Out Excel-based Analytics Tool

Boston, MA-based text analytics firm Lexalytics has released Semantria for Excel 5.0, a text analytics add-in for Microsoft Excel which it says allows users to quickly and easily analyze both structured and unstructured survey data in one place.

Jeff CatlinLexalytics offers two main platforms for sentiment analytics, the on-premise Salience and the SaaS Semantria, for use chiefly in social media monitoring, reputation management and voice of the customer programs. Semantria takes input from third-party online survey companies, SPSS or triple-S XML, and creates reports and data visualizations with a click.

The new product allows users to filter data by Net Promoter Score (NPS) based on survey responses and correlate this to unstructured data such as customer and employee comments to identify promoters and detractors, strengths and weaknesses. Clients can also import data from SurveyMonkey; classify discussion topics and determine sentiment; customise features; analyse text in 22 languages; automatically extract entities such as people, brands or hashtags; and create data visualizations.

CEO Jeff Catlin (pictured) comments: 'Business analysts and market researchers have used Lexalytics for years to gain insights from their unstructured data from survey responses. For the first time, we're giving them the ability to correlate that unstructured data with their structured data directly in Excel to gain insights in a much easier and quicker process'.

Web site: www.lexalytics.com .


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