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Published September 5 2017




Microsoft Veteran Launches 'Envisioning' Consultancy

Microsoft veteran Dave Coplin has left to set up a consultancy called The Envisioners, aiming to help organisations and individuals see the full potential of technology, with a focus on the humans who use it.

Dave CoplinCoplin (pictured) spent twelve years at Microsoft UK, and as 'Chief Envisioning Officer' was the company's thought leader and evangelist for the future potential of technology (and its role within a modern society). During this time, he designed a strategy that addressed Microsoft's potential with UK government, customers and consumers. He also worked as an advisor to drive awareness and debate issues that affect society's ability to make the most of the potential that data offers.

In addition, Coplin is the author of two books. The first is titled Business Reimagined, and envisages a new working environment based on collaborative and flexible working; and the second is The Rise of the Humans which invites individuals and organisations to harness the 'digital deluge', to rise up and take back control of the potential that technology offers society.

His new 'envisioning' consultancy has been set up to provide insight to help others understand the positive outcomes that technology can bring, while remaining realistic about the obstacles individuals will face and how to overcome them. Commenting on the launch, Coplin said: 'For a long time, Microsoft let me raise my freak flag high, allowed me to build and grow my own brand and empowered me to do my best work in my own way. And with that in mind it's time for me to make some changes. As of today, I'm taking my role as Chief Envisioning Officer to the next level, helping organisations, brands and humans rise up to meet the opportunity and challenges of becoming a truly 21st century society'.

Web site: www.theenvisioners.com .


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