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Published September 29 2017




CoolTool Launches In-Browser Emotion Measurement

San Francisco-based consumer research platform CoolTool has launched a product called 'Emotions in Browser', which measures respondents' emotions without the need for them to install an app, only requiring them to have a camera on their laptop or smartphone.

CoolTool Launches In-Browser Emotion MeasurementThe company's NeuroLab by CoolTool suite provides solutions for eye tracking, EEG, emotion measurement, surveys and mouse tracking, for use individually or in combinations, by researchers and usability labs. This can be used for testing media such as video, printed or digital advertising, product packaging and web sites. It also offers a tool called Emotion Measurement which uses facial coding to differentiate seven basic emotions.

The new 'Emotions in Browser' service means respondents can complete surveys in normal settings and places where they come across advertising, and researchers can access them and measure their emotions in the meantime. The service is compatible with Internet browsers Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Firefox, and the company is currently developing an eye tracking tool for browsers.

Web site: www.cooltool.com .


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