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Published November 10 2017




Igloo Vision Expands Immersive VR Service to US

Shropshire, UK-based virtual reality (VR) company Igloo Vision has opened operations in both the New York and Los Angeles areas, where it will offer access to its '360 degree projection dome' environments.

Igloo Vision Expands Immersive VR Service to USThe firm's 'Igloos' have been designed to enable groups to share an immersive VR experience without the isolation of a headset, and can accommodate anything from small teams up to 750 people. Igloos serve three commercial VR applications - simulation to immerse teams in any scenario; experiences to engage, inspire or entertain; and visualisation to bring design concepts to life. For instance, consumer and retail brands use the service to transport customers to a virtual world where their products can be experienced.

The company will now offer East and West coast demo facilities. Founder and MD Colin Yellowley, who will head up the new operations, says the US region already accounts for more than 50% of Igloo Vision's revenue. 'We're continuing to see strong growth in the US market and the new offices will enable us to serve existing and new customers better. US customers are now putting big budgets into creating 360o and 3D VR content, whereas the UK remains more cautious in its adoption. Yet the UK is still creating the world's best VR content and the skills to do so remain here, at least for the time being', he added.

Web site: www.igloovision.com .


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