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Published December 22 2017




Heap Launches Customer Insight Automation 'First'

US-based insight automation specialist Heap has launched what it describes as the first platform to automate all phases of the customer insights process.

Matin MovassateFounded in 2013, San Francisco-based Heap automatically captures customer app and web site user interactions, without requiring tracking plans, tracking code or tags. Real-time reports help clients understand what users are doing, while generating up-to-the-minute usage metrics.

Through the new platform, all customer data is automatically captured, validated and connected without the need for manually cleaning and checking for errors. The solution offers three layers or 'planes': data capture, control and insights, the first of which pulls in behavioral data from sources across departments and domain-specific tools, to one standard schema. The control plane can change event definitions on the fly; and the insights plane produces networked insights across marketing, sales, and customer data silos. Using the platform, data professionals can model new insights without touching the raw data structure; while a data scoring system automatically ranks all customer data by level of usefulness and trustworthiness.

CEO Matin Movassate (pictured) comments: 'As companies try to become agile and iterate quickly, they rapidly encounter what they call the 'Adobe Blackout', where any defect or reskin results in lost data that has to be reconciled, costing teams weeks or months. Heap virtualizes the underlying data structure, enabling companies to flexibly rewire analytics without losing any data integrity'.

Web site: www.heapanalytics.com .


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