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Published December 22 2017




We're off now for Christmas

This is the year's last edition of Daily Research News. To all those of you who are celebrating it, a very Merry Christmas - and to all those taking one, have a great holiday! We wish all our readers, clients, contributors and friends around the world happiness and success in 2018.

Merry Christmas and/or a Happy New Year!We now have a weekend's panic in which to buy all our presents, then a week to recover. The MrWeb office will be closed until Wednesday 3rd January 2018, when the next edition of Daily Research News will be published.

MrWeb is moving to a new server / hosting provider over the next few weeks - apologies in advance for any disruption, we'll try and make it as smooth as possible but with 100,000 files and 20 years' worth of idiosyncratic programming, dozens of e-mail aliases etc.. etc.. darn it's complicated, so please be patient and keep trying / e-mail or call us on +44 (0)207 515 6040 if something is not working and driving you mad.

Thanks for your support and many kind words about DRNO in 2017 - we wish you a very pleasant and prosperous New Year!

Mel, Ian, Chris and Nick


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