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Published February 20 2018




comScore Adds Nine Million TV Households

In the US, comScore has expanded its passive collection of television data by more than 40 percent, to include more than 69 million televisions in more than 31 million homes.

Bill LivekcomScore bought TV measurement firm Rentrak in 2015, and now has more than a decade's experience measuring television viewing from return path devices, across tens of millions of households in all 210 local markets. Its 'Advanced Audiences' service measures consumer behavior, interests and lifestyles to enable TV stations, networks, advertisers, agencies and media companies to find and reach their ideal audiences. Following the latest expansion, comScore says it is now measuring one in every two TV households in 52 of the 210 local US television markets including Los Angeles (#2) and Dallas-Fort Worth (#5), and nearly one in every four TV homes nationally.

Bill Livek (pictured), the firm's Executive Vice-Chairman and President, comments: 'This expansion highlights comScore's dedication to providing the industry with a complete and stable television measurement currency. With our increasingly granular information, we continue to expand and innovate around our well known Advanced Audiences, which allows our clients to more effectively plan, transact and evaluate their advertising efforts in today's dynamic and ever-evolving viewing environment'.

Web site: www.comscore.com .


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