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Published June 14 2018




Firms Make Next Gen TV Measurement Deal

In the US, TV metrics provider Data Plus Math has partnered with audio watermark tech firm Verance Aspect to offer analytics and attribution measurement to broadcasters.

Nil Shah and John HoctorPowered by cross-screen viewing data from millions of households, Data Plus Math's TV and video attribution platform is used by cable operators, national programming networks, agencies and marketers to measure which components of their ad campaigns are driving results. Verance Aspect's technology powers broadband features on broadcast TV by enabling census-level audience measurement, personalization, interactivity and addressable advertising across all screens and distribution paths.

The firms say their partnership will provide more precise audience data and analytics to local broadcasters. In addition, the pair will introduce a Next Gen TV compliant multi-touch, multi-TV approach to attribution and help local programmers better analyze and monetize their inventory. Next Gen TV is a new broadcast standard, merging broadcast and broadband for better picture quality, high-dynamic-range signals and enhanced audio.

Verance CEO Nil Shah says the deal further enhances the ability of local programmers to track, assess and monetize their audiences as the Next Gen TV protocol emerges. John Hoctor, co-founder and CEO of Data Plus Math, adds: 'This partnership is a crucial piece toward fulfilling the promise of Next Gen TV. We will be connecting the tools to enable better local programming analytics and attribution'.

Web sites: www.dataplusmath.com and www.verance.com .


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