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Published November 8 2018




Momentum Launches AI-Led Real-Time Insights Platform

Ad agency Momentum Worldwide has launched a business intelligence platform using artificial intelligence to provide real-time insights that inform and measure experiential advertising.

Chris WeilThe new cloud-based MomentumBi platform combines the agency's proprietary experiential data with clients' first party sales, media and behavioural data, as well as third-party data sources, to help brands understand their consumers and their shopping behavior. Supported by machine learning, and delivering predictive analytics and real-time performance monitoring, the tool offers insights beyond in-store foot traffic and brand awareness, helping brands segment and identify new audiences and sales opportunities.

In addition, MomentumBi works with cloud services such as Microsoft Azure to offer capabilities such as media attribution, activation, sales reporting, geospatial behaviour and social sentiment analysis.

CEO Chris Weil (pictured) comments: 'Advertising and marketing agencies exist to create big ideas that help our clients sell products, and after two years of development and investment, MomentumBi does exactly this. The implementation of data and analytics are enabling Momentum and our people to really figure out what moves the needle and what doesn't for clients. Our data team is on the front-end, informing our creative and taking historical, real-time data and analysing it to provide insights that help drive our clients business forward'.

Web site: www.momentumww.com .


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