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Published April 2 2019




CoolTool Launches Usability App UXReality

San Francisco-based consumer research and neuromarketing platform CoolTool has launched an app called UXReailty, to help clients create their own 'universe' of insights while users interact with mobile sites and apps.

Dmitry GaidukCoolTool's platform integrates a survey engine with eye tracking, emotion measurement, implicit tests and web site behavior tracking. Combining heatmaps, gaze plots, voice, scroll and click recordings with AI-powered features in the firm's platform, the new UXReailty has been designed to replace usability labs and help understand how people interact with a mobile web site or app by 'knowing' what they see, think and feel. The firm claims the solution is the first to convert any smartphone into a fully-featured tool for studying user behavior as closely to reality as possible.

CEO Dmitry Gaiduk (pictured) comments: 'In 2018, more than half of all web site traffic worldwide was generated through mobile devices. Tools such as Google Analytics or click-based heatmaps reveal what users already did on the web site, which is not enough to get deep behavior insights. There is a need to see the web site through the users' eyes and understand their feelings to create high-quality user interfaces. Nowadays, the only solution is building a usability lab that is time and budget intensive. That's why we've designed UXReality'.

Web site: www.cooltool.com .


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