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Published July 4 2019




Zappi Launches 'Optimize Reach' Research Ranking Tool

Automated consumer insights platform Zappi has launched a tool called Optimize Reach, which uses TURF analysis to understand the combined reach of text-based stimuli, eliminating the need to manually re-run possible scenarios.

Ryan BarryZappi works in partnership with research agencies and offers off-the-shelf research products targeted at solving business issues ranging from new product development to pack testing, concept testing and social media monitoring. Earlier this year, the firm launched a digital advertising tool called Zappi Creative Digital, which allows customers to assess the potential of creative campaigns within hours, before committing budget.

The new Optimize Reach solution has been developed to help users understand the best combinations of flavors, claims, taglines, etc, through the use of TURF (total unduplicated reach and frequency) statistical research methodology. Researchers can use the solution to combine between five and 50 text-based stimuli to understand how to best configure their innovations. Deliverables show recommended combinations to maximise reach, with output that can be manipulated for deeper analysis.

Chief Revenue Officer Ryan Barry (pictured) comments: 'At Zappi, we are always finding new ways to put the control back in the researcher's hands, while making insights analysis a faster, simpler and smarter process. As the role of the insights manager continues to shift, products like Optimize Reach will provide researchers with flexible solutions that don't require time consuming, manual tasks to deeply analyze data'.

Web site: www.zappi.io .


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