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Published July 11 2019




Kantar Unveils TGI Data Integration Services

WPP-owned Kantar has launched a number of services to help marketers directly integrate their own datasets with data from its TGI consumer survey, to give enhanced audience profiling for campaign planning and digital media activation.

Mark InskipTGI survey data claims to provide a complete view of consumer behaviour and characteristics, covering product and brand use, attitudes and motivations, media and digital consumption and engagement, leisure activities and demographics.

The newly launched services allow TGI segments to be integrated into other Kantar client surveys, and direct into clients' own first party datasets. At their core is a database merging the group's Great Britain TGI consumer data with the scale offered by its online Profiles panel service.

Mark Inskip (pictured), CEO, Media Division, UK & Ireland, says the launch will give marketers 'a deep and consistent understanding of their target groups', and adds: 'This helps them to better profile and target specific audiences, achieving a level of campaign planning and activation far beyond what has previously been possible'.

Web site: www.kantarmedia.com .


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