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Published August 20 2019




Directions and SEEK Launch IdeaSprint

Directions Research and its qualitative insights and innovation consultancy SEEK have launched a qual-quant approach called IdeaSprint, which they claim generates hundreds of ideas and validates them with real-time consumer and peer feedback in just one day.

Directions and SEEK Launch IdeaSprintUS-based Directions acquired SEEK last December. The new IdeaSprint solution generates real-time consumer feedback, uses it to refine and build on the best ideas, and then roll them into another round of consumer testing. At this point, team members are involved in analysing the feasibility of ideas, resulting in more than a dozen creatively-inspired testing ideas and the tools required for the next stages of testing and development.

In a statement, the firms explained: 'Our custom-designed ideation exercises incorporate collaboration and just enough friendly competition to truly engage and inspire your team of cross-functional stakeholders. They leverage what you already know about your consumers, and layer on unexpected twists to create new-to-the-world ideas'.

Web sites: www.directionsresearch.com and www.seekcompany.com .


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