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Published September 11 2019




InCrowd Launches Automated Qual Insights Tool

In the US, healthcare market research firm InCrowd has launched an automated qualitative solution called InCrowd Interview, to help researchers obtain insights in 'significantly less time'.

Caleb CostaThe firm, which recently sold a majority stake to SARORAS Private Capital, offers a DIY platform to connect pharma, medical device and life sciences firms with 'crowds' of screened and targeted healthcare professionals. Its new InCrowd Interview solution has been designed to simplify and automate qualitative research setup, by centralizing the management of all elements of the process - identifying, screening, scheduling, communicating, managing, recording, and transcribing. In addition to its technology, the solution recruits from InCrowd's 'crowd' of physicians, nurses, patients, payers, pharmacists, and dentists, among other healthcare experts.

Chief Commercial Officer Caleb Costa (pictured) comments: 'InCrowd Interview vastly improves the user experience for research participants and removes a lot of inefficiency - allowing insights teams to spend their time analyzing their research instead of waiting for it. We designed the system to address the most painful aspects of the fragmented workflow. Scheduling used to take days, but now it's done in minutes or hours, giving our customers more time to apply their learnings.'

Web site: www.incrowdnow.com .


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