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Published June 28 2004




Millward Brown Opens in Ukraine

Millward Brown's Russian licensee A/R/M/I-Marketing Millward Brown has opened an office in Kiev, Ukraine, and appointed Svetlana Pototskaya as Manager.

Dimitry Pisarsky, head of A/R/M/I-Marketing Millward Brown Russia says the stabilisation of the business environment in Ukraine over the last couple of years has been a key factor in the decision, along with its huge potential for development: 'Ukraine has a population of over 48 million and in terms of land mass is the second largest country in Europe... Our existing clients are keen to work there and there's great interest from local Ukrainian marketers too. We are very happy that by opening an office in Kiev we will be able to help our clients make better on-the-ground decisions about their brand investments'.

According to Petra Prusova, who has responsibility for Millward Brown's Central and Eastern European development, the company's Russian business has experienced tremendous growth in the past couple of years and is skilled in providing MB solutions: 'our Moscow team... will be working closely with their colleagues in Kiev to ensure that we deliver a first-class service from day one to those local and international clients keen to work with us in Ukraine'.

A/R/M/I-Marketing Millward Brown Ukraine is based at Office #31, 1-3 Frunze Street, Kiev 04070, Ukraine, telephone (+380 44) 531 4326 / 531 4327. The Group's web site is at www.millwardbrown.com


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