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Published April 8 2008




MarketTools Introduces TrueSample Checker

In the US, online on-demand research specialist MarketTools has launched a new system to improve the quality of online sample.

Through a combination of patent-pending technology and methodologies, the firm says its new TrueSample platform is able to deliver 'genuine, unique and engaged responses' from its ZoomPanel sample source and from sample sourced from its Certified Partners - a new scheme which has been introduced to validate and certify research panels from members across the industry.

Only panellists who are fully validated to be 'who they say they are and where they say they are' can take part in surveys. And because TrueSample is delivered through MarketTools' own survey platform, the firm says data is based only on fully engaged responses.

TrueSample is a three-part process aimed at ensuring authenticity in survey respondents. The system:
  1. Verifies every prospective panellist against external databases with objectively validated consumer demographics
  2. Ensures no respondent can take a survey more than once, regardless of whether they have joined ZoomPanel or one of MarketTools' Certified Partner panels
  3. Includes new technologies and practices to ensure surveys are only completed by engaged respondents.
Explained John Ouren, EVP and General Manager of Panels and Communities: 'TrueSample is a milestone in online market research, and together with our Certified Partner network, we look forward to making it the industry standard for providing quality results.'

In December, the company applied to patent its Survey Fraud Detection System, which automatically identifies and removes fraudulent responses from data sets.

MarketTools, which has corporate headquarters in San Francisco and European headquarters in London housing more than 450 employees, is on the web at www.markettools.com .


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