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Published May 14 2008




Nielsen Integrates NRG with BASES

Nielsen's film and home entertainment specialist NRG (National Research Group) has become part of the firm's BASES division, which provides new product optimization, marketing plan simulation capabilities and sales forecasting.

Nielsen says the move has been implemented to help NRG's clients better identify, understand and capitalize on future opportunities. Tim Willke, BASES President, explains: 'Many of BASES analytical tools have direct application to NRG's business, and our general expertise in analytically based consulting will help NRG create new services to address unmet and emerging client needs within the entertainment industry.'

NRG will continue to collaborate closely with the rest of the Nielsen Entertainment Group, including box office measurement division EDI, video sales practice VideoScan and other measurement services. It will also take advantage of Nielsen's anticipated acquisition of IAG Research, which measures the effectiveness of ad and program engagement across TV and the Internet.

As part of the move, NRG's SVP of Product and Business Development Marc Lagrois will now lead NRG. Howard Ballon, President of Nielsen Film and Home Entertainment will work with Lagrois on the transition before leaving the company to pursue other opportunities.

Prior to joining NRG in 2007, Lagrois led the BASES Asia-Pacific region, where he successfully expanded the business over a five year period. He will now report to Wilke.

Web sites: www.nrg.com , www.bases.com and www.nielsen.com .


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