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Published June 20 2008




New Livra Panel Site Includes Web 2.0 Features

Buenos Aires-based research firm Livra Panels has launched a new online platform for recruiting panelists. The new site combines the features of social networking sites with online surveys and product reviews.

The new site has been launched in 12 Latin American countries as well as Spain, Portugal and the USA, and is available in three languages. In addition to signing up for online surveys, users can now create mini surveys and share them with their friends, display them on their own web sites using widgets, connect with friends and read and write product and service reviews.

Says Diego Meller, Livra Panels co-founder and Head of Sales and Marketing: 'Latin American Internet users are the world's most engaged social networkers and we believe that combining the tools of social networks with online surveys is the way to go. We need to engage people in a different way. Being part of an online panel is not about getting e-mails anymore. It's about participating, exchanging ideas, and being part of the discussion. The new Livra enables just that.'

The company, founded in 1999 by Meller and Martín Añazco, runs panels and consumer communities in more than 15 countries and also has offices in Sao Pablo, Mexico and London. Web site: www.livrapanels.com .


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