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Love 'n Hate

Research has its up and downs and most people have aspects of their work they dislike and others they actually enjoy ... Very often, however, you only read about the good bits with a few cautionary notes thrown in, because the writer is being identified and can't be *too rude* about his or her employer.

Love and Hate aims to redress this by being anonymous and therefore attracting comments which are always honest and occasionally very extreme. Most of the articles represent one person's viewpoint candidly expressed, whereas a few are combinations of fragments from several people volunteering.

Love and Hate has been running since the first MRWho in March 2002, and there have therefore been as many job titles covered as there have been issues - 20 as of May 2004. In this online archive you can find all 40 mini-articles (39 actually - see the 'Christmas Party' article) and be sure of a not-at-all-balanced view of almost any job in MR. If you think of one we've missed, email mrwho@mrweb.com and you may see it in a forthcoming issue.

Use the index on the left to select the job functions / titles you're interested in, and browse away - we hope you enjoy it.

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