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  1.   Kadence Owner Partners for Neuromarketing Offer  
  2.   Unmetric Launches Social Media Brand Tracking Tool  
  3.   fiftyfive5 Branches Out with Senior Shopper Hires  
  4.   GfK Returns to Organic Growth  
  5.   Web Analytics Firm Decibel Opens Two US Offices  
  6.   IRI Partners with Intent Marketplace Yieldbot  
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Feb 5 2010
ACNielsen HCI - a firm researching pharmaceutical promotions which was transferred to WPP in a 2008 regulatory asset swap - has been added to Kantar Health's Marketing Insight practice. More

Oct 30 2009
KantarHealth is expanding its CardioMonitor service into Japan and China, a major step towards its goal of providing a globally consistent cardiovascular and diabetes patient database. More

Oct 26 2009
In the US, KantarHealth Joint CEO Elaine Riddell has decided to leave the company to 'pursue other opportunities': Joint CEO Lynnette Cooke assumes sole global CEO responsibilities with immediate effect. More

Jul 14 2009
Kantar Health has hired Scott Davies as General Manager of China, to direct the group's growth strategy in the region. Kelly Wong has also been appointed as Business Leader and Head of Research, China. More

Apr 14 2009
WPP-owned healthcare market research specialist Ziment has introduced what it describes as a 'unique segmentation approach' to enable pharma companies to identify the most effective marketing channels for reaching and influencing target physicians. More

Mar 12 2009
In the US, healthcare agency All Global has introduced an online data collection service that allows researchers to test concepts with physicians across a variety of speciality segments. More

Feb 6 2009
WPP-owned healthcare and pharmaceutical market research specialist Ziment has introduced COMPOUNDZ, a system for modeling the potential uptake of new products. More

Jan 8 2009
In New York, healthcare researcher Ziment has introduced an analytic technique for modelling ‘order-of-entry’ effects on new product research and forecasting. More

Jun 6 2008
WPP healthcare researcher Ziment has revamped its corporate image, with a new logo and web site. The firm says the new, ‘streamlined’ image reflects its ‘simple, signature approach’ as well as its rapid growth over the past five years and recent leadership changes. More

Apr 22 2008
In New York, healthcare marketing research and consulting firm The Ziment Group has added two new business units and appointed Eva Laparra and Jonathan Spiess to lead them. More

Feb 7 2008
In New York, healthcare marketing research firm the Ziment Group has promoted John Tapper from Chief Operating Officer to Chief Executive Officer of its primary research and consulting division, Ziment Custom. More

Sep 18 2007
Ziment has announced the worldwide launch of ‘Benchmark Discrete Choice’, its system for determining the market potential of pharmaceuticals compounds in early- and late-stage development. More

Apr 25 2007
Venk Ramakrishnan More

Jan 9 2007
Ziment Custom, the primary research division of The Ziment Group, has promoted Christine Davis to Group Director of its Analytics department. More

Dec 8 2006
The Ziment Group has promoted John Tapper, Ph.D. to COO of its primary research division Ziment Custom – he also retains the title of Chief Methodologist. More

Nov 16 2006
In the US, healthcare and pharmaceutical specialist the Ziment Group has announced changes to its senior management. Current CEO Howard Ziment becomes Chairman and Lynnette Cooke steps up, adding the Group CEO title to her present role of CEO of the Custom Research division. More

Jul 27 2006
New York-based healthcare and pharma researcher Ziment has appointed Ms. Basya Gale, Ph.D. as its Worldwide Chief Qualitative Officer. More

May 26 2006
WebSurveyResearch, the online unit of healthcare researcher the Ziment Group, has promoted five senior figures as a result of continued expansion. The five are Gabrielle Katz, Huyen Tran, Mili Bhatia, Wayne Wong and Megan Baker. More

Feb 3 2006
Allan Bowditch, a former CEO of Global Healthcare for Martin Hamblin, has joined The Ziment Group in a Strategic Advisor role. He was with Martin Hamblin until May 2004, and was responsible for building the company’s healthcare business over 30 years. More

Sep 15 2005
imap Research, syndicated study specialist within healthcare and pharma agency The Ziment Group, has launched onTRAK, a single-source solution developed for market researchers to measure brand performance across many constituents and geographies. Elsewhere at Ziment, Michael Fronstin joins as VP Sales at CHS. More

Jun 8 2005
NYC-based healthcare and pharma agency Ziment has made two senior promotions within its Client Service group. More

Apr 20 2005
Healthcare and pharma researcher The Ziment Group has brought Consumer Health Sciences (CHS) under its wing as a fourth division. CHS provides disease-specific, self-reported consumer data to pharmaceutical and life science companies and was part of the Grey Global Group recently acquired by Ziment parent WPP. More

Jan 31 2005
NYC-based healthcare and pharma specialist Ziment has announced three new Directors of Client Service – one of them new to the company and the other two promotions – plus two other promotions in its Client Service and Multivariate Services / Analytics groups. More

Jan 4 2005
Another change at the top of healthcare and pharmaceutical researcher the Ziment Group. Lynnette Cooke has been promoted from COO to CEO of Ziment, the Group’s full service division. Previous incumbent Howard Ziment will continue on in his other role as Group CEO. More

Dec 15 2004
Healthcare and pharma specialist The Ziment Group has announced that John Tapper, PhD., has added the title of Chief Strategy Officer to his responsibilities within the group’s full service division, Ziment. More

Nov 9 2004
IMAP Research, the new multi-client studies division of The Ziment Group announced on Friday, will have Mike Kelly as its first President. Kelly’s previous work includes roles at Merck, Johnson & Johnson and TargetRx. More

Nov 5 2004
New York-based healthcare and pharmaceutical specialist The Ziment Group has launched IMAP Research, a new division specialising in multi-client studies. The Group also announced two senior appointments in Europe. More

May 10 2004
Ziment, the global healthcare research brand for The Kantar Group, has introduced a new research technique designed to improve the accuracy of drug sales and manufacturing forecasts. Customers traditionally overestimate potential demand and the new technique, ‘Demand calibration’, helps to adjust estimates. More

Jan 20 2004
NYC-based Ziment subsidiary WebSurveyEurope has added British healthcare agency Praxis Research & Consulting to its list of partners delivering online surveys among physicians and other healthcare professionals. Praxis will have immediate access to WebSurveyEurope’s physician panel for surveys. More

Oct 6 2003
The Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Group (PMRG) has presented Howard Ziment, CEO of The Ziment Group, with the pharma MR industry’s highest accolade, the RR Fordyce Award. More

Jun 25 2003
Pharmaceutical and healthcare research agency Ziment has launched MESSAGEZ ('messages'), a new addition to its suite of market research approaches for product and business development managers launching and re-positioning products. More

May 30 2003
Healthcare marketing research company Ziment has announced that its online panel facilitating fast access to the opinions of patients suffering from a wide range of chronic illnesses has exceeded 200,000 members. More

May 16 2003
WebSurveyEurope, (a leading Internet survey company in the healthcare industry) and Martin Hamblin GfK, have signed a Letter of Intent to deliver online physician surveys. More

Mar 15 2003
Healthcare research agency Ziment Group has joined forces with WorldOne Research to rapidly expand WebSurveyEurope, their physician Internet panel for marketing research in Europe. More

Aug 23 2002
Charles Ilsley, a long-time veteran of the marketing research industry, has been named as the Managing Director of healthcare consultancy Ziment's UK operation. More

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