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Alexey Veselov
Russia, St. Petersburg, Vladimirskiy prospekt, 17

Interweb Pro

Interweb Pro is a market research company headquartered in St. Petersburg, Russia. We specialize in conducting Information Technology Market Research in Russia and CIS countries.
Recent News: DRNO (Daily Research News Online)

What we do...
Interweb Pro - is a Russian based company specializing in IT research projects, taking advantage of the most progressive technology in the industry. We've started developing our own projects, but our skills turned out to be so valuable that after rendering several services to outsource companies, we decided to start our own outsourcing project that helps other companies. Now, we deliver a unique suite of professional services for project development, providing them with analytics, developments, promotion and customer support.

We study clients' ideas from multiple angles; finding the most effective and interesting ways to execute them, then we think it through again, analyze it and start implementing our solutions. We have conquered systems such as voice over IP, big data analysis, realtime traffic encryption, massive file sharing and other sophisticated areas of development. Right now we're in the process of studying several really cool tools to be able to implement something new.

Interweb Pro team is a single entity consisting of several creative minds. We work consistently as a team unlocking the potential of each team member.

Number of employees: 1-4