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Ossama Al Rahmany
Hawally, Sharhabeel St., Block 12, Bldg. 42
+965 22618229
+965 22618229

Identity Marketing Consultancy

Identity Marketing Consultancy a well-established full service market research agency based in Kuwait with partnership in Dubai operating in both developed and emerging markets in the Gulf region, Middle East and North Africa.
Recent News: DRNO (Daily Research News Online)

What we do...
Identity is one of the leading providers of research services, analysis, consulting utilizing advanced practices to accommodate clients' requirements and objectives using range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

Identity research professionals present our clients' with state-of-the-art solutions across different sectors. Our well-trained Field bi-lingual teams with more than 15 years of operations experience in the Arab World offer clients with extensive knowledge and expertise in local markets.

We firmly believe that a cherished and authentic understanding of consumers is a necessity to successful marketing.

Our ultimate objective is to introduce or reintroduce our clients to their consumers in order to help our clients reposition their concept, product, brand, etc., to better fit within the market place through field team.

Identity...a marketing research services company formed to cater to the post-recessionary industry need of actionable research based counsel at affordable prices.

Through various research methods, we assist clients in evaluating consumer satisfaction, validating new products or concepts, and gauging consumer perception of a company, brand or its products.

Number of employees: 5-9