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Suchitra Pritesh and Venu Bendapudi
2509 152nd Avenue NE
Building 16, Suite Mezzanine E, Redmond, WA 98052, USA

Cross-Tab Marketing Services Pvt Ltd

Cross-Tab rests on three key pillars: Development and use of cutting edge technology; Process outsourcing with global delivery; and Integrated Business Insights from market research and analytics of behavioral data.
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What we do...
Cross-Tab is comprised of four companies that operate in specific components of the marketing services/market intelligence value chain. All four companies share a common strategic vision, corporate values, corporate leadership and support functions. However, each individual company has built its own set of key functional capabilities and image to the market. Cross-Tab Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd. is an operating plus holding company and has three fully owned subsidiaries:
  1. Blueocean Market Intelligence Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Borderless Access Panels Pvt. Ltd.
  3. Informate Mobile Intelligence Pvt. Ltd.
Cross-Tab's business rests on three key pillars:

  1. Development and use of cutting edge technology
    Cross-Tab Group has a strong focus on developing and utilizing cutting-edge technology for external and internal clients across all its businesses. The Group's technology focus has been a strong differentiator across its businesses. Our Technology Solutions Group has worked with clients to develop custom reporting solutions for large syndicated surveys and has helped clients build custom portals and dashboards published on the web or mobile platforms. Our 'on device metering' technology developed and deployed by Informate Mobile Intelligence (a fully owned subsidiary) works across various mobile platforms and captures real time mobile phone usage of mobile users. It is today one the leading technologies worldwide in this segment and is being used by global leaders, like Nielsen and The NPD Group.
  2. Process outsourcing with global delivery
    Cross-Tab Group's core business is to deliver integrated solutions for marketing services from its global delivery centers across Mumbai, Bangalore, Seattle and Phoenix. Utilizing strong processes and a certified quality management system, the group has successfully transitioned and managed outsourced processes for several global clients. Outsourcing solution areas of Cross-Tab include market research, secondary research, data collection, panel and database management, 'big data' analytics, technology solutions, and monitoring/analysis of traditional and social media. Cross-Tab has developed a transition methodology from its experience with transitioning global assignments over the years. The company does not just 'replicate' processes of clients but also re-engineers them over a period of time to achieve measurably greater efficiency, productivity and cost savings.
  3. Integrated Business Insights from market research and analytics of behavioral data
    Cross-Tab Group provides insights from a 360 view. In practice this means taking a holistic view of data from multiple sources, including primary research, secondary research, behavioral data, and client subscribed data; analyzing it and presenting it in a highly impactful manner to drive business. We know that integrated analysis of multiple data sources provides the richest set of insights. Our experience spans the full spectrum of research design, development of analytical plans and modeling, research project execution and building visually appealing and interactive reporting solutions.

Number of employees: 1,000+