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Bhoorender Panwar
Middle Rd, #14-10 Fortune Centre, Singapore - 188979
+65 9189 7044
+65 6339 3392

Market Xcel Data Matrix Pte Ltd

Recent News: DRNO (Daily Research News Online)

What we do...
We are a market research company that helps guide business through all phases of planning and development. With a diverse backgrounds of our research team we can offer our clients the insight of over 20 years of market research experience combined with market understanding at both local and global levels.

We offer full service research services across multiple verticals to clients both Indian and Global clients. Our research services include Qualitative, Quantitative and Desk Research and with complete support from In-House operations team to assist and collect data and thus offering quality services at a controlled price. Our most typical research experience have been - analyzing and estimating market scenarios, research across product and label designing, creating complex indexes across various segments.

What makes us different is that we have in-house access to multiple research and data collection methods and hence delivering within the time limits and at competitive price points.

Adding to our above capabilities we have recently launched our Online Consumer Panel to help our clients with fast and effective research deliverables.

Number of employees: 50-99