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Rishab Tripathi
Delhi/NCR Office 6Wresearch
FF8, Second Floor, Saraswati Vihar, Opp. Crescent Public School, Pitampura New Delhi-110034

6wresearch - Market Intelligence Solutions

With over 1000 custom research projects, 6Wresearch is a global market research and consulting firm specializes in niche and emerging markets.The Company over the past few years has developed itself to be a renowned market intelligence company which led strong emphasis on competitive and strategic intelligence.
Recent News: DRNO (Daily Research News Online)

What we do...
6Wresearch is the premier, one stop market intelligence and advisory center, known for its best in class business research and consulting activity. We provide industry research reports and consulting service across different industries and geographies which provide industry players an in-depth coverage and help them in decision making before investing or enter into a particular geography.

Our Research Process Outsourcing (RPO) division enables our client to reduce their cost by outsourcing their research needs and focusing on their core competency.

Our Business Model
The prime motto of 6Wresearch is to see the exponential growth of our clients by meeting all the research requirements. 6Wresearch is pioneer in implementing 6W (what, where, when, whom, why and how) model across its research cycle. We believe that exhaustive research can only be accomplished if it covers all six dimensions of research:

  • What to invest in: What product and services is to produce to target potential market?
  • Where to invest: Which geography to enter?
  • When to invest: When is the right time to enter to the market?
  • Whom to target: Who is your target consumer and buyers?
  • Why to invest: What growth and opportunity the target market is offering?
  • How to invest: What is the right strategy to enter the target market?
Our integrated survey based model enable us to deliver real insights from key industry players which enable our clients to acquaint themselves with key industry trends & developments and devise various strategies for growth.

Our Core Beliefs/Values
6Wresearch values its client and believes in maintaining long term relationship with them by providing high quality research solutions. 6Wresearch maintains its core beliefs and values by complementing Commitment towards standards, ethics and integrity, Ensuring client satisfaction, Maintaining full transparency.

Number of employees: 20-49