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Shruti Malhotra
J.R. Complex
Plot 101, Jinja Road, P.O. Box 40363, Kampala, Uganda
+256 312 387 100

Limelight Limited

Founded in 1997 by Nigel Sutton, Limelight Limited offers full service advertising, public relations, events management, media management and market research services.
Recent News: DRNO (Daily Research News Online)

What we do...
Insight is the market research division of Limelight. Insight has been in operation since October 2007 when it became apparent there was a need for a trustworthy, objective and cost effective research agency in the sub Saharan region. We have been providing fast, flexible, independent and honest insights to our clients' requirements, ever since. We are a full service market research business who offer flexible, timely and high integrity market research in the social and commercial areas, namely in the following categories: road user satisfaction surveys, baseline studies, monitoring and evaluation studies, usage and attitude studies, needs assessment studies, ad/product/package pre testing studies, post campaign evaluation studies. Insight has a team of about 80 part time field interviewers, supervisors, moderators and data analysts, that have been trained to suit Insight's standards.

Our full time employees have the technical and managerial expertise to carry out market research projects from the very simple to complex country wide projects. We then have a pool of about 80 temporary staff of varying research skills and experience that are assembled on a project by project basis dependant on the specific project requirements. The size of the resource pool ensures we are always able to scale up to meet client delivery requirements. In addition to market research services, Limelight also provides the following: Graphic design, Media management, Production, Public relations, Event management.

Number of employees: 20-49