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Grant Lindhorst
269 Pendoring Drive
Northcliff, Johannesburg, 2194, South Africa

React Surveys

We are passionate about people and understanding what it is that makes them tick. We believe that if we can understand people's behaviour and measure their attitudes, responses and levels of engagement — both as customers and as employees —we can help our clients to win and keep their customers.
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What we do...
REACT's main focus is to improve customer service levels (from the customer's perspective) through effective measurement programmes. Behaviour, attitudes and experience that can be measured, monitored and quantified, can also be predicted, managed and modified. To this end we employ young, passionate and creative professionals who design and implement innovative measurement systems and work in partnership with our clients to assess their sales, service, operational issues and levels of employee engagement. We have also invested in ground-breaking technology that allows our clients to log into our website and view reports online within 72 hours after a mystery shopping exercise has been done. Cutting-edge technology and innovation are not our only competitive advantages. Our organisational structure is also smaller and more streamlined, which makes our services much more cost-effective. Although REACT Surveys was started in 1994 in the United Kingdom as part of the Lodge Services Group, our South African branch has a distinct local focus and flavour and we pride ourselves in being more representative of the South African population demographic than most of our competitors. This is not merely about window dressing or being compliant with BEE requirements, but, we believe, enables a deeper and more intuitive understanding of Southern African market factors and peculiarities, as well as the ability to adjust measurement systems accordingly.

REACT Surveys has a vast network of over 1 000 field workers and mystery shoppers not just in South Africa, but in the subcontinent, in urban, rural and outlying areas, operating from our offices in Namibia, Botswana, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

Our clients can be found across a spectrum of industries including advertising, catering, clothing, communication, cosmetics, entertainment, financial services, hospitality, jewellery, leisure, telecoms, hospitality, pharmaceutical, property development, retail (including FMCG), travel and transport.

Number of employees: 10-19