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Simon Dannatt
807 Powell Street
Vancouver, BC V6A 1H7, Canada
+1 604 732 1090

The Sound Canada

The Sound is a consumer exploration, brand strategy and product innovation agency. We help brands understand people and solve marketing challenges, in ways that get heard and create action.
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What we do...
The Sound is a Global Consumer Exploration, Brand Strategy and Product Innovation agency, applying leading edge market research techniques, technologies and marketing models to solve client brand, marketing, communications and product innovation challenges.

We are a team of brand experts, strategic researchers, idea generators and cultural anthropologists based in New York, Chicago, London, Mumbai, and Vancouver. We provide clients with the insight, inspiration and strategy needed to answer the brand challenges most important to their business all over the world.

Brand Strategy
We believe in deeply understanding nuances to help brands sharpen their reason for being. We guide brands towards the truth of what they genuinely stand for... and how it can be reflected in everything they do.

Consumer Exploration / Market Research & Consumer Insight
We believe in breaking down barriers between brands and the people who matter most to them. We tirelessly dig deep to uncover what people really do and why they do it. And we deploy innovative market and consumer research methods to get as close as possible to people and their lives.

Product Innovation
We believe that innovation emerges at the nexus of market and cultural opportunity and the problems people need solving. We imagine and design strategic ideas that inspire brands to find new possibilities with positive commercial impact.

Number of employees: 10-19