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Gareth McCann
50 Copperas Street
Manchester, M4 1HS
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Morris Hargreaves McIntyre

Morris Hargreaves McIntyre are the largest cultural strategy and research agency in the UK. Based in Manchester, and with a second office in New Zealand, we employ 40 full-time staff in our offices and a further 13 researchers in the field. We are renowned for using market insight to make a real difference to the organisations we work with.
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Client Testimonials

'It has been a real pleasure working with Morris Hargreaves McIntyre and I can't tell you what an impact the research is having on the whole organisation. Our educators, retail team and management teams are all talking about our segments and how they can respond better to their needs. Our marketing campaigns are so much more targeted and relevant to our visitors (and non-visitors) and we all feel so much better informed and empowered about the decisions that we have to make every day. I've been singing MHM's praises to anyone who'll listen.'
Jennifer Tegg at Chester Zoo

'Our work with Morris Hargreaves McIntyre on Culture Segments gave us a great insight into our key audience segments and helped to crystallise for us how and where we should be communicating to each segment so as not to alienate them and to ultimately motivate them to book.'
Kath Trout, Marketing Director, LPO

'We knew it was a leap of faith to embrace a new system so readily, but having previously worked with MHM, I trust their approach and rigour of application. As an organisation we are all encouraged and inspired by the work so far; and the understanding of culture segments across the arts sector has created a shared, and specific, language when discussing potential audiences - rather than simply talking about 'genre' and 'age' - which is genuinely exciting and creative and in time should reap great results.'
Sarah Hunt, Arts Centre Melbourne