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Richard Owen
36 High Street
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CrowdLab is an award winning mobile/online platform built by a team that elegantly fuses research with technology. Our platform reflects how people behave, seamlessly integrating research into their lives, and across their devices, getting you closer than ever to natural and real insights in the moment and in context.
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Client Testimonials

'CrowdLab allowed us to seamlessly fit into people's rituals, preventing us from disturbing or biasing behaviours we were trying to observe.

Offline content capture and time stamping ensured we captured the full range of in/out of home occasions, and let us piece together the context of each occasion.

CrowdLab were incredibly supportive and attentive, proffering solutions and advice.

The project was commended by our client for the pioneering use of mobile to capture very detailed unconscious behaviours.'
Qualitative Research Director, Top 10 Agency

'We are confident in the knowledge that whatever our research needs CrowdLab will tackle them with an intelligent, creative and rigorous approach delivering value well beyond the brief.

Working with the team at CrowdLab always feels like having an extension of our project team.

As well as their professionalism and research expertise, their enthusiasm and accountability for their work are things I particularly value.

Their app was pivotal to the MRS award we won with our client insights team.'
Agency Owner, Small Qualitative Boutique

'Crowdlab are a rare combination in that they get technology and they get research, and understand the magic that can happen at the intersection.

What makes them really stand out is the service you get: no idea is too weird, no question to difficult.

They take our half formed ideas, add their creative approach, and invariably come up with something that is far better than we had imagined.

Their work leads to better results for our clients, making us look good in the process, and continues to put research at the cutting edge of insight.'
Research Agency CEO, Mid-Sized Full Service

'We found that CrowdLab's technology is invaluable for gaining rich, visual insight into the world of the consumer and for accessing consumer behaviour in-the-moment and in context.

Until now, such rich insights have been widely reserved for expensive and time-consuming ethnographic methodologies.

Many of our participants spoke of how much they appreciated the convenience of participating in research via their mobile phones, with one even saying he would do it again for free as he thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

The progressive and innovative DNA of CrowdLab, strives to constantly evolve its offer to stay ahead of the curve. '
Qualitative Researcher, Mid-Sized Full Service Agency

'CrowdLab has helped us to capture a more realistic version of people's lives by making it easier to capture moments in their lives as they happen and answer a bespoke set of questions about these moments.

The technology works excellently and the support offered by the CrowdLab team throughout the design and implementation of the project is a real delight and allows us to get on with what we do best.'
Director of Innovation & Inspiration, Mid-Sized Full Service Agency

'It's refreshing to find a partner that is led by the needs of the user rather than the conventions of the researcher.

CrowdLab combine a deep knowledge of research with a real flare for design that results in an app that's intuitive to use and adept at generating rich forms of dialogue.

The scientific rigour that traditional research demands is not lost. The opportunity for more real-time, contextual and convenient insight is certainly gained.'
Independent Consultant & Conversations Strategist