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IMRB International

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'Sanjay Datta,ITC Research & Development Manager'ITC has been working with IMRB from the day it started operation. Integrity and rigor are good word associations for IMRB. The quality control processes, ingrained and elaborate at IMRB, are great source of confidence. It has the finest research brains in business who are fun to work with. IMRB is a partner in our business, not an agency'. '
ITC Limited

'Dr. Laxmibai Rathna,Tamilnadu AIDS Initiative (TAI)'I personally have been working with IMRB and their key researchers for over 10 years now. TAI's association with IMRB is right from its inception in 2004. I look upon IMRB as an organization genuinely committed to the clients cause and is interested to make a difference in the HIV-AIDS sector. The data provided by Social and Rural Research group of IMRB helped us taking the right decisions based on authentic advice. IMRB has brought in value by combining the learning's from commercial research techniques to the rigorous social research methods to bring in action oriented results. This combination brings a lot of innovation when applied on difficult-to-reach target groups and provides best value for money'.'
Tamilnadu AIDS Initiative (TAI)

'Vinnie Mehta, President MAIT'MAIT has been associated with IMRB for around 12 years, with the ITOPS-IMRB study we track IT consumption by the end users. The study today has now become a benchmark study on IT products consumption in India and is used extensively by the IT industry, Government, investment institutions and other relevant stakeholders. Our experience with IMRB have been extremely satisfactory and the IMRB team has been extremely flexible and co-operative.'