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Graham Goodman
186 City Road
London EC1V 2NT
0800 231 5340
020 7676 1903

ORC International

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Main sectors worked in:
Automotive; Catering / Foodservice; Children / Youth; Computer hardware / Office Equipment; Drink; IT - Software, n/w & consultancy; (Traditional) Media; Oil, Gas, Water & Electricity; Business Services incl Law and Accountancy; Retail (excl Food & Drink); Social / Opinion / Public Sector; Telecoms (not mobile); Textiles / clothing; Training and Education

Main countries worked in:
UK; France; Germany; Italy; Spain; Scandinavia (Denmark / Finland / Norway / Sweden); Low countries (Belgium / Netherlands / Luxemburg); Other W Europe or EU (Port. / Ire. / Aust. / Switz. / Gr.); Central and Eastern Europe (not former USSR); Former Soviet Union (FSU); China; Japan; Other SE Asia; Other Asia; Australia / NZ; USA; Canada; Mexico / Central America

Main projects undertaken:
Acquisition Studies; Advertising Research; Branding / Image Research; Competitor Research; Corporate Image Studies; Customer Satisfaction Research; Employee Research; NPD / Market Potential Studies; Pricing Research; Social / Policy Research; Usage & Attitude Research; Web Site Assessment; Other Research

Main fieldwork types used:
Face-to-face interviewing; Marketing Consultancy; Telephone interviewing; Desk Research; Mystery Shopping; Postal Studies; Hall tests; Group discussions; Other techniques