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Helen King
Bank House
42 High St., Ewell, Surrey, KT17 1RW, UK

Vox Pops International

MARKET RESEARCH VIDEO & COMMUNICATION EXPERTSEstablished in 1987, Vox Pops International is the first company to truly integrate video into research in an effective way. We are recognised as the experts in filming market research, providing insightful market research as well as professionally filmed and edited final videos.Our clients consist of companies such as the BBC, BSkyB, eBay, Google, News International, Ofcom, Orange and Which?From street interviews to in home depths, to mini groups, hall tests and observational filming, we work closely with our clients to provide a speedy service that meets their objectives. We work worldwide and have an extensive network covering over 30 countries.
Recent News: DRNO (Daily Research News Online)

Main sectors worked in:
Advertising; Audience / Broadcasting; Automotive; Catering / Foodservice; Children / Youth; Computer hardware / Office Equipment; Cosmetics & Toiletries; Drink; Electronics (consumer); (Traditional) Media; Oil, Gas, Water & Electricity; Pharmaceutical / Healthcare; Business Services incl Law and Accountancy; Retail (excl Food & Drink); Social / Opinion / Public Sector; Sports / Sponsorship; Telecoms (not mobile); Textiles / clothing; Training and Education; Transport / Distribution; Other Sectors

Main countries worked in:
UK; France; Germany; Italy; Spain; Scandinavia (Denmark / Finland / Norway / Sweden); Low countries (Belgium / Netherlands / Luxemburg); Other W Europe or EU (Port. / Ire. / Aust. / Switz. / Gr.); Central and Eastern Europe (not former USSR); Former Soviet Union (FSU); China; Japan; Other SE Asia; Middle East; Bangladesh / India / Pakistan / Sri Lanka; Other Asia; Australia / NZ; South Africa; Other Africa; USA; Canada; Mexico / Central America; South America; Other regions / countries

Main projects undertaken:
Acquisition Studies; Advertising Research; Branding / Image Research; Competitor Research; Corporate Image Studies; Customer Satisfaction Research; Employee Research; NPD / Market Potential Studies; Pricing Research; Social / Policy Research; Usage & Attitude Research; Web Site Assessment; Other Research

Main fieldwork types used:
Face-to-face interviewing; Marketing Consultancy; Hall tests; Group discussions; Other techniques