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The Media Insights & Engagement Conference

The Media Insights & Engagement Conference is back LIVE and IN-PERSON, ready to launch its new season.

15/11/2021 - 16/11/2021
Nashville, TN, USA

About this event...

Reunite with your media research and insights community and meet new members for COVID-safe meetings, conversations and networking. Learn how the pandemic has transformed the media space through challenges met, opportunities harnessed; and collectively produce insights on what the future holds.

Human Interactions Spark

The Media Insights & Engagement Conference is, and always has been, grounded in its remarkable people. The common ground this year is uniting exceptional insights leaders who don't need to go back the way things were and are invigorated by the uncertain path ahead.

Media Insights 2021 - Conference Themes

  • The pandemic's impact on media consumption, consumer behavior, content creation, production, etc.
  • Engaging with and keeping viewers
  • Measurement and the pandemic's impact on it
  • Future-facing insights for when the 'COVID fog' lifts
  • Emerging media platforms (TikTok, Esports)
  • The proliferation of SVOD providers
  • The ideal content future and ROI for app content vs streaming vs linear
  • The ongoing battle for eyeballs and ears
  • Pros and cons of doing qualitative research not in the physical world
  • Challenges of addressable media

For more detail see the event web site.

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