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Published October 2 2009




iMotions Adds Eye Tracking Features

Danish firm iMotions has released a new eye tracking software platform with 'Reading Metrics' to uncover whether consumers really read or are able to read communications, and 'Study Sharing' which enables users to run studies in multiple locations simultaneously.

Jakob de Lemos and Peter HartzbechThe firm's new Attention ToolŪ has been designed for use by the FMCG and market research industries.

Reading Metrics conducts automated reading analysis within minutes, to provide marketers with insight on consumer comprehension and readability of the communication.

'Unlike traditional eye tracking metrics this new generation provides the marketer with new tools for analyzing how and why you look,' explained CTO Eye Tracking Specialist, Jakob de Lemos.

Study Sharing enables the client to browse their eye tracking network, follow study progress and continually add, merge and analyze the data collected in any of their eye tracking locations.

'Our vision with the Study Sharing functionality is to get eye tracking scalable, so our clients can make fast and efficient decisions in the early stage innovation phase,' added CEO Peter Hartzbech.

Founded in 2005 by Hartzbech and de Lemos, iMotions is headquartered in Denmark with additional offices in the US and India.

Web site: www.imotions.dk .


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