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Published June 4 2010




Neuro Measure Added to BehaviorScan

In the US, SymphonyIRI has integrated EmSense's neuromeasurement headsets with its BehaviorScan service, to quantify shoppers' emotional and cognitive responses to new products and ad campaigns.

Shopper wearing an EmSense headsetBehaviorScan allows companies to test their new products in small, controllable markets. IRI says this provides an accurate estimate of a new product's potential, gauges the effectiveness of each market mix element in driving trial and repeat purchasing, and evaluates in-store marketing conditions.

EmSense's neuromeasurement headset reads brain waves and monitors the breathing, heart rate, blinking, head movement and skin temperature of consumers, to measure their emotional and cognitive responses to ads, new products, and in-store conditions.

It will now be used in BehaviorScan's test markets, to provide CPG marketers with another layer of consumer and shopper understanding.

'By combining the measurement of the emotional and physiological responses of consumers with the actual sales performance of new products, ads, and in-store conditions, we will provide our clients with a complete understanding of the effectiveness of their new products, marketing and sales campaigns,' explains Robert Tomei, President, Consumer & Shopper Insights at SymphonyIRI.

EmSense SVP Sales & Marketing, Mark Mallardi says the partnership will enable marketers to more accurately decipher consumers' feelings.

Web sites: www.symphonyiri.com and www.emsense.com .


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