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Published August 12 2010




Dexterity Launches iPhone Survey App and Panel

In India, market research and consumer insight firm Dexterity has launched iPinion; a new app which enables panelists to participate in surveys, in-store and ethnography studies, and mystery shops from their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

Palanivel KuppusamyDexterity - which also has offices in the US and UK - was founded in 1999, and now employs more than 200 staff at its offshore facility in Chennai, India.

To support its new app, the firm has built a panel of iPhone/iPod touch users, and says it is 'on a mission' to build the largest panel of this type in the marketplace.

'With 85 million iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users spending about 80 to 120 minutes per day on apps, we are convinced that every market researcher would want to take advantage of our highly engaged panels,' states CEO Palanivel Kuppusamy. 'iPinion panels will help us complete the whole picture to provide holistic data collection services to our market research clients.'

Web site: www.dexterity.in .


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