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Published August 9 2011




Acquity Buys Anova Assets

In the US, brand eCommerce and digital marketing specialist Acquity Group has hired the founders of marketing science-based agency Anova Group, while acquiring their proprietary analytics tools. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Jeff Aliotta, Randy Higgins and Jeff PastorAnova was founded by Jeff Aliotta, Randy Higgins and Jeff Pastor (pictured), to apply mathematical and analytical methodologies to search engine marketing and optimisation (SEM / SEO), e-mail marketing and social media campaigns.

Their Anova Digital Marketing Suite and Optimization solution collects and integrates marketing data from both analytical solutions like Google Analytics and Omniture, and from publicly available data from Google search results and public web sites. Anova then parses and prepares the marketing data for analysis.

Acquity says that the acquisition will enable it to offer a full range of proprietary marketing optimization tools to enhance brand eCommerce strategies. CEO Chris Dalton comments: 'We're excited by how much brand eCommerce is evolving, and how clients are likewise requiring comprehensive search analytics and SEO to maximize the value of their digital channels. Anova will be a critical component in elevating what it means to maintain a strong brand eCommerce presence.'

Web sites: www.acquitygroup.com and www.anovamarketinggroup.com .


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