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Published February 10 2012




Google and KN Launch Screenwise Panel

Google has partnered with US-based consumer specialist Knowledge Networks to launch a panel of web users, who will opt in and be paid to allow the search giant to track the sites they visit and how they use them.

Through the new Screenwise initiative, US users aged thirteen and over will be paid up to $25 in Amazon gift cards to have their web site behavior monitored. Additionally, those panelists aged over 18 will be automatically entered into a monthly sweepstake, with a chance to win prizes such as a 'luxury' vacation to the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, or Cancun; a variety of electronic goods; tickets to events; or downloads.

Google says it will use feedback from panelists to learn how people use the Internet, in order to offer them better products and services.

A Google spokesperson commented: 'Like many other web and media companies, we do panel research to help better serve our users by learning more about people's media use, on the web and elsewhere. This panel is one such small project that started near the beginning of the year. People can stay on the panel as long as they'd like, or leave at any time.'

Knowledge Networks is currently recruiting panelists from those who have a Google account and use the Chrome browser.

The panel has its own home pageat: www.screenwisepanel.com .


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