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Published March 12 2012




Ask.com Unveils New Quick Polling App

Search engine Ask.com has launched a new mobile app, Pollroll, combining instant polling with a Q&A service.

Doug LeedsThe lightweight app allows users to create polls, distribute them to friends and those nearby, and share the results. Features include the ability to take a photo or use a built-in image search to 'bring a poll alive'; filter responses to view just those from friends or those in a specific location; 'get context' - by accessing verbatims explaining answers; and browse other users' polls based on recency, popularity, location or social connections.

'Polling is one of the most engaging and straightforward Q&A formats on the Web - in fact, users in the Ask.com Q&A community continue to leverage the service as a polling mechanism' according to CEO Doug Leeds (pictured).

Known in the UK as Ask Jeeves, Ask.com is an operating business of IAC. Pollroll is initially available for the iPhone and can be found at www.ask.com/pollroll .


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